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Hytera premium DMR trunked radio system rentals

Two-way Radios

Revolution Communication Solutions offers industry leading products and solutions for all of your two-way radio rental needs. We offer a large selection of equipment and can provide for your project, large or small, and can assist you in the process in deciding the best equipment, system and rental radio program best suited to you needs.

weBoost Connect4G-X cell booster and installation Fort McMurray

Cell Boosters + BDA's

We offer the best rental cellular boosters available on the market today and we can help you reduce the number of drop calls, increase your signal and service area, and provide better data speeds - or simply get you service where it may have questionable.

Mobile Communication Towers - rental and sales

Mobile Communication Towers

Mobile communication towers are a quick and effective way to get the additional height due to need to have the reliable communications you require. Maybe it's a hill, maybe it's the trees or could it be that far..? We will help you figure it out and get you the tower you need, whether you are using a cellular booster, radio system, microwave or all of the above.