RF Path Profile and Analysis Fort McMurray Alberta

System Design

As a leader in wireless communications, everything we do is about advancing your communication systems and equipment, while at the same time making them increasingly capable and reliable. At Revolution Communication Solutions we take your needs and make them our priority. We understand that safe, efficient and reliable communications is not something to strive for, it’s a requirement.

We are proud to say that we are genuinely passionate about the communications industry and enjoy pioneering products that provide unparalleled connectivity solutions. Our team has been involved in the design, implementation and commissioning of some of the largest communication systems in Alberta, and Canada. We have the knowledge and experience to put together systems and solutions to meet your project’s needs today and in the future. Every design project is approached from with clients’ perspective and needs in mind – with your vision becoming our goal to provide value focused products, solutions and an enriched communication experience.

We will combine our knowledge and know-how to independently or collectively through the management of other specialty resources; carry-out  the work to provide high-quality turn-key solutions.


Wireless unlicensed microwave radio coverage mapping Fort McMurray Alberta

Path + Coverage Studies

We are experts in the field and too often we see problems that could have been avoided by simply performing the necessary pre-work and analysis.

Revolution Communications Solutions - Leaders in Wireless

Field + Technical Services

Revolution Communication Solutions offers industry leading service and support to all of our clients. We understand that your business needs to continue and that proper communications are critical to this continuation.

Radio RF Spectrum Management Fort McMurray Alberta

Spectrum Management

Part of managing any large scale project is the management of licensed and unlicensed frequencies. We have the necessary systems and controls capable of managing this aspect of your project and can either assist or take full control.

Wireless System 2-way radio system project management Fort McMurray Alberta

Project + System Management

We have the expertise and experience to execute and perform our operations efficiently and effectively by concentrating on our and our clients' core activities while deploying the latest in telecommunications technology.