Rental 2-way radio equipment Fort McMurray Alberta

Rental Two-way Radio + Systems

Hytera premium DMR trunked radio system rentals

Revolution Communication Solutions offers industry leading products and solutions for all of your two-way radio rental needs. We offer a large selection of equipment and can provide for your project, large or small, and can assist you in the process in deciding the best equipment, system and rental radio program best suited to you needs.

We ensure that all of our equipment is full tested, fully operational and ready for you to depend on for your project, event, and use. We offer custom labeling on handheld and mobile radios – this can include radio ID, User ID, channel and zone information, etc.

For larger two-way radio rental and system programs we can offer complete inventory management and on site services to help you manage your program and make adjustments for any unexpected problems.

We offer highly competitive weekly, monthly and long term rates.